Welcome to the UCD game website! The UCD game allows human-computer interaction practitioners to demonstrate the key user-centered design (UCD) process and methods to those who are unfamiliar with UCD. The game teaches how to incorporate user-centered design into every step in the software development process. Overall, the purpose of this game is to promote a better understanding of a good design process by demonstrating the importance of understanding and focusing on the end user.

The target audience for this game is those unfamiliar with UCD, yet whose work relates to the definition, creation, and update of a product or service. In other words, everyone involved in the software development process.


To show the key steps of a UCD process in an enjoyable and informal setting.
To make participants understand how these steps relate to each other.
To give an overview of the main HCI techniques and methods.
To illustrate that the user target and the methods used affect the end design.

This work has been partially supported by a Spanish government grant under the project PERSONAL (TIN2006-15107-C02-01) and by the Campus project promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Projecte Campus