Station 2: Analyze the Users’ Needs

The goal of Station 2 is to establish the importance of analyzing the target audience by applying UCD methods. Teams are given a toolbox that contains 7 formative evaluation techniques to analyze users’ needs.  Teams have the option of choosing quantitative and/or qualitative methods.

For instance, in the contextual inquiry method, the teams have to watch a video related to the design problem. For benchmarking, there may be a list of current solutions to the design problems along with the pros and cons of each. Other methods available in the toolbox are: in-depth interview, focus groups, surveys, log analysis, user testing and heuristic evaluation.

Next, the teams are given time to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each method and decide upon 3 methods. Upon a decision of a method, the teams can open the envelopes containing the results from applying the methods they have chosen. After opening the envelopes of the selected methods, the teams summarize the findings and write down a list of characteristics that should be considered when designing the artifact.

The result of this station is an understanding of users’ needs, wants, contexts, and limitations.

Download the materials for this station as a guide.