Station 4: Evaluate the Process

The final station is designed to allow the teams to evaluate and review the process they just completed. They are given a self-evaluation form that contains questions about how their design is tied to the selected group of users and its characteristics.

During the final station, each team pastes the one-page output of each station on a horizontal game board. The board is divided as if it was formed by four pieces of a puzzle: the photos of the target users and key characteristics, required characteristics of the artifact according to the user analysis and the methods used, the lo-fi prototype, and the results of evaluating the first prototype.

Game boards are displayed in a room where participants and other company employees can observe the different designs and UCD processes. In order to evaluate the designs, participants and observers have a questionnaire that contains questions such as “Does the design take into account the context of use?” or “Did the team evaluate their first design solution?”

Download the materials for this station as a guide.